Grammar - To be / Грамматика: глагол быть (tobe)

To be: I/You     He/She/It



I’m (=I am)

You’re (= you are)

He’s (=he is)

She’s (=she is)

It’s (=it is)

I'm from Spain

You're Italian

He's a student

She's twenty three

It's in London

I'm not (=I am not)

You're not

(=you are not or you aren't)

He's not

(=he is not or he isn't)

She's not

(=she is not or she isn't)

It's not

(=it is not or it isn't)

I'm not a teacher

You're not a teacher

You aren't a teacher


He isn't from Spain

She isn't Italian

It isn't from Paris


Questions words

Am I...?

Are you...?

Is he...?

Is she...?

Is it...?

Am I late?

Are you a doctor?

Is he Italian?

Is she French?

Is it a car?            

What's your name?


Where are you

            's he-she-it

how old are you

               is he–she-it?





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